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Freshness and Taste Count

Delicious Powders

The secret to manufacturing an outstanding powder supplement is two-part: your product must taste delicious and have nutritionally superior supplement facts. Whether you want to manufacture a bodybuilding, weight loss or meal replacement powder, you’ll want Makers Nutrition’s flavor experts on your side.

Our flavor experts understand how the ingredients within your powder formula affect taste and can recommend a blend of enhancements that will improve the overall flavor of your product. While our deep flavor portfolio includes widely accepted vanilla, chocolate & strawberry, we encourage all clients to consider the path of custom powder flavoring because the masking selections are 100% customized to your formula.

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Powder Manufacturing Options

Once your product formula is determined, we can start making flavor and sweetener selections. These additives come in natural and artificial varieties. If you decide to design a custom flavor, our flavor experts will compose a flavor composition with specific taste modifiers for your formula. Supplement brands that wish to avoid additives in their product can simply opt to exclude them. The color of the powder can also be enhanced with natural and artificial coloring as well.

Powder Freshness

Ingredient freshness and consistency are critical. Repeat customers can taste the difference between fresh and stale ingestibles. Although shelf life and expiration labeling may help to prevent taste issues long after your powder is manufactured, the age of the ingredients the moment your powder is sealed will dictate how good it can possibly taste.

We guarantee only fresh powders because the warehouse constantly replenishes raw materials. This high turnover also ensures low pricing on manufacturing quotes on your powder supplement. Also, raw materials used are sourced from premium suppliers so formulas made by Makers Nutrition can be more distinguished. The manufacturing facility comes equipped with next generation V-Blenders so powders are uniform and high precision powder filling machines to process dry powder. The facility is environmentally controlled so the powders stay dry.

Packaging for Powders

Powders are traditionally sold in jars/bottles, but can also be packaged in gusset bags of all sizes or in single dose packets for portability and convenience. Our graphic artists can help you design labels and product packaging for your next powder supplement. Be it a whey protein shake or an appetite suppressing superfood, we have the resources to fully service your powder manufacturing project.

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