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We promise exceptional capsule quality because your supplement is manufactured in a facility that uses next generation machinery. The high speed, semi automatic filling machines work efficiently in and environmentally controlled FDA Registered facility.

Product Options:

Capsules are made from two interlocking pieces of gelatin (or vegetable-based alternative). They are easy to swallow and some can be taken apart, giving you the option of mixing the powdered contents with a food or beverage.

Generally lower in price and can be tightly packed, offering higher-potency options. Tablets have a long shelf life and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Typically used for oil or liquid-based supplements, softgels are made from a soft layer of gelatin (vegetarian softgels are available, but not widely used.) Softgels are stable, completely sealed and carry a longer shelf life when compared to liquids and capsules, although this can vary depending on the contents.

Powdered supplements are a convenient option for large servings of nutrients such as protein. Powdered products have a long shelf life and make it easy to adjust your dosage or combine several supplements at once.

Liquid supplements work very well for some people, especially those who cannot or do not want to swallow capsules, tablets or softgels. Liquids are a perfect option for kids, and come in enticing flavors. However, they have a very short shelf life, are more expensive and less portable than a pill form.

Caplets are simply tablets that have a smaller size and smoother-coating. They are normally coated with a film or gelatin to mask the taste of the ingredients. Caplets can be notched or spit to deliver lower dosages, and they often are cheaper than capsules. Heat and moisture does affect the shelf life of caplets and that is why they must be carefully stored.

Gummies aren’t just for kids anymore. Gummies are one of the fastest-growing products in the vitamin and supplement industry these days. Not only do they taste good, but are beneficial for elderly consumers that have more prescription medications. Gummies allow consumers to take their vitamins on a more consistent basis.

Whether you opt for unflavored or flavored supplements, our flavor system simply makes maintaining health and nutrition a little more enjoyable. Even when the flavors come from “natural sources,” they generally leave an unwanted after taste. For example, flavored powders help cut the inconvenience of having to spend more time preparing a protein shake from scratch.

Available (left to right)
2oz (59 ml), 8oz (236 ml), 16.9oz (500 ml), 1 gallon (3.7 L)

Gel, spray, and liquid available

Scented or unscented
Scents available: Lavender, Tea Tree, Orange, Oceanwave, Spring Breeze, Hibiscus, Lemon

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